The Pension Fund of the City and Council of Swansea is looking to invest in an infrastructure fund.

According to the EU tender service TED, the pension fund is searching for a core-plus/value-added fund at least £400m (€470m) in size.

The amount of capital to be allocated was not specificed, although prospective managers should have at least £750m in asset under management.

The Swansea pension fund has a preference for an absolute return with an internal rate of return 7% to 10% per annum.

The fund should invest in brownfield/operational assets, although the pension fund is open to some greenfield exposure. However, greenfield should not make up the more than 50% of investments.

It should also be broadly diversified in terms of assets and focus preferably on OECD countries.

Emerging markets exposure is acceptable within global strategies, but should be less than 20%.

The fund search is being managed by Bfinance.