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Special Reports

  • Paris – the city is leading the post-COVID office occupancy revival in Europe

    European offices: Move with the changes

    September/October 2023 (Magazine)By

    As European businesses map out their future office needs, Landlords that can’t provide what tenants require are in danger of obsolescence. Maha Khan Phillips reports

  • Open the gateways

    Global office markets: outlook for gateway cities

    September / October 2021 (Magazine)

    COVID-19 has disrupted office markets around the world and accelerated trends that were already in place. But, today, cities face different levels of occupancy, remote working, pandemic restrictions, and vaccination and case rates.

  • Future of Offices

    Future of Offices: No going back

    September / October 2020 (Magazine)By

    Enforced remote working has changed the office landscape almost overnight. But what is going to happen to the sector in the long term? Maha Khan Phillips explores