A Ventas-managed open-ended US life science and healthcare-related real estate fund currently has a $2.4bn (€2.2bn) investment value.

Real estate investment trust Ventas, which holds a $595m investment in the Ventas Life Science & Healthcare Real Estate Fund, disclosed in its 2023 first-quarter earnings report that the fund has a 2.9m sqft portfolio of 13 properties.

Rhode Island Employees Retirement System disclosed in a recent meeting document that it issued a $27m commitment to the Vestas fund through the pension fund’s core real estate portfolio.

Rhode Island Employees said it also made a non-core real estate investment via a $20.6m commitment to Greystar Equity Partners XI.

Partners XI, Greystar’s eleventh value-add real estate fund, is seeking to raise $2.5bn, according to SEC filing. Greystar raised $2bn in 2019 for its tenth fund.

Greystar has an investment history in apartments of buying properties at attractive values, improving property management and implementing capital improvements.

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