SC Zeus Data Centers, part of the SC Capital Partners, has acquired a site for a data centre development in Osaka, Japan.

The initial roll-out will be the delivery of 25MW of capacity as Phase 1 of a hyperscale data centre project.

Joe Gooi, CEO of SC Zeus, said the acquisition of the prime site marked a significant step forward in the company’s journey. “With the site acquisition successfully completed, SC Zeus is now poised to enter the next phase of development.”

Gooi said SC Zeus was currently constructing a hyperscale facility in South Korea. “It demonstrates our strong commitment to providing robust data centre solutions in the APAC region.”

“Looking ahead, SC Zeus is dedicated to pursuing innovative opportunities and contributing to the growth of Japan’s digital infrastructure,” he said, adding that Japan’s prime geographical location in the Asia Pacific region made it an ideal hub for international data traffic.

The country’s growing demand for digital services, the deployment of 5G networks, and government regulations promoting data localisation further enhance the immense potential in the data centre market development, said the company.

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