Investors have backed a Dutch residential mortgage fund, managed by NN Investment Partners, to raise more than €2bn in 30 months.

Since launch in November 2015, NN Dutch Residential Mortgage Fund has received commitments from Dutch institutional clients and foreign investors, helping it to surpass the €2bn mark as of end May 2018, the manager said.

Bart Bakx, the head of ABS and mortgages at NN Investment Partners, said: “We are currently exploring several options to further improve the fund’s carbon footprint to help investors to reduce the contribution to the carbon footprint whilst investing in mortgage loans without giving up return.”

The portfolio of the fund has a carbon footprint 5.3% below the Dutch average, due to its policy of investing in new mortgages, which contains a high proportion of newly-built properties, as they are more energy efficient, the manager said.

Han Rijken, the head of specialized fixed income at NN Investment Partners, said: “We are thankful for the trust that investors have shown in our Dutch mortgage proposition. Our Dutch Residential Mortgage fund is a good example of the added value of Alternative Credit solutions for our clients.

“We have numerous other successful alternative credit strategies in which we see inflows from external investors. We therefore continue to develop more alternative credit opportunities that are tailored to investor’s needs.”