Impax Asset Management has partnered with Bullfinch Asset to invest in decentralised clean energy projects.

Impax said a fund it manages has become a shareholder in Bullfinch and has partnered with it to establish Greenfinch, the joint investment vehicle which will deploy capital in projects that enable locally generated energy and support decarbonisation of the real estate sector.

The venture will initially focus on the German market, but the partners will also seek opportunities elsewhere in Europe.

Impax said Greenfinch will invest in energy solutions based on solar panels, batteries and smart meters in the residential and commercial and industrial sectors.

Robin Haack, CEO of Bullfinch, said: “This partnership with Impax helps with our mission that everyone should have access to clean, reliable, affordable and locally generated energy.

“We are thrilled to work with Impax to fill a critical financing gap and facilitate both climate change mitigation and adaptation with our joint investments.”

Daniel von Preyss, the head of private equity/infrastructure at Impax Asset Management, said: “We believe decentralised energy generation is one of the most exciting growth areas in the renewables sector.

“We are pleased to team up with bullfinch to facilitate the deployment of these decentralised green energy technologies which will play a critical role in helping economies to transition towards their net-zero goals.”

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