Real IS has raised more than €500m from institutional investors this year.

The investment manager said it is also managing investments for a German insurance company as a separate account mandate.

Real IS said it has already bought an office in Paris for a €120m mandate. The manager said it is buying large assets both in Germany and abroad through tailored single investments, joint ventures, and club deals.

A major German superannuation scheme has mandated Real IS for investments, as well as for asset and portfolio management. The Alternative Investment Fund vehicle, which will invest in core and core-plus assets, adds €150m. With leverage, the manager will invest €250m through the fund.

The fund is targeting German senior housing, residential real estate, student housing and office, retail, logistics and hospitality. The manager said the fund could invest outside the eurozone.

Real IS has also raised more than €250m from savings banks, agricultural credit cooperatives, pension funds and other superannuation schemes. Some of the capital has been earmarked for the manager’s BGV series and other themed funds for institutional investors.