GLOBAL - IVG Institutional Funds, Internos Real Investors, Henderson Global Investors, Colliers Deutschland, TRECAP Partners

IVG Institutional Funds - Ferdinand von Sydow has resigned as managing director of the company, effective from the end of last month. The company gave no reason for his departure other than to say he was seeking "new professional challenges". Until a replacement is appointed, chairman Bernhard Berg will assume von Sydow's duties. This month also saw the hiring of Irmgard Linker, joining the company's board of management in charge of accounting, risk management and controlling.

Internos Real Investors
- Paul Muno joins as managing director of Internos' German business. Charged with establishing fund management capabilities within the business, Muno will work alongside existing managing directors Berthold Becker and Georg zu Stollberg to choose appropriate fund vehicles.  Muno has previously worked at Deutsche Bank, as well as Eurohypo and Commerz Real Spezialfondsgeschäft.

Colliers Deutschland - Martin Klöble, Julius Bender and Karsten Schweigkofler have been named managing directors of the Holding group. Klöble and Bender both join from Colliers International, while Schweigkofler was previously employed as general counsel at GMR Marketing. In their new positions, Klöble will be responsible for finance, Bender for the research team, while Schweigkofler has been named chief operating officer of the Holding group.

TRECAP Partners - Heather Fernstrom joins as vice president for client relations from Townsend Group. In her new position, she will work closely with the company's executive vice president and managing director for client relations Paul Dolinoy. Prior to joining Townsend, Fernstrom worked at Bancshares of Florida and Larson Allen.