SUSI Partners is developing solar and battery storage projects with Chilean clean energy developer BIWO Renovables, expanding the two firms’ existing partnership.

SUSI’s energy transition fund (SETF) and BIWO have agreed to start the development of two hybrid solar photovoltaic and battery storage projects in the Santiago metropolitan area in 2025.

Once completed, the solar projects are expected to have a combined generation capacity of 232 MWp and battery storage is expected to have a capacity of up to 900MWh.

The latest partnership expands SETF and BIWO’s existing agreement announced in December 2021 to develop, construct and operate distributed solar photovoltaic and wind assets.

The companies said the expansion builds on a recent partnership achievement, which saw SUSI and BIWO securing project debt financing for a 107MW distributed solar photovoltaic portfolio.

”While the two projects being developed under the new agreement are significantly larger in scale, they similarly reflect the two parties’ approach of developing generation assets close to large consumption centres to take advantage of better offtake conditions and reduced curtailment risk,” SUSI said.

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