Reitsmarket, a provider of research on real estate investment trusts (REIT), has launched a new index to offer investors access to a sustainable alternative.

In partnership with the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), Reitsmarket said it has set up The Euronext Reitsmarket GRESB Global Sustainable Index (ERGS index).

Euronext, the pan-European exchange, is the Administrator of the index and is responsible for its day-to-day management and dissemination.

Represented by 30 global real estate securities, the ERGS index is designed to track specific factor trends in sustainable listed real estate worldwide.

Benedict Peeters, the CEO of Reitsmarket, said: “We believe it is time to introduce to the market a liquid sustainable solution in the global REITs market as we face more demand for ESG compliant solutions.

“We are very pleased to collaborate with GRESB and Euronext and launch this new innovative alternative for investors.”

Sander Paul van Tongeren, the co-founder and managing director at GRESB, said: “In the listed real estate sector investors are using sustainability disclosures in their assessment of company and management quality.

“That is why we are delighted that Euronext and Reitsmarket are using GRESB ESG disclosure data as a fundamental quality factor in the new Euronext Reitsmarket GRESB Global Sustainable Index. The index offers the opportunity to invest in a diversified pool of listed real estate companies that have been screened according to their level of sustainability disclosure.”

In October last year, Reitsmarket also launched the Euronext Reitsmarket Global Balanced Index and the Euronext Reitsmarket Global Conviction Index in October last year.