Primevest Capital Partners has partnered with Vodafone Germany to roll-out fibre optic network in Hadamar, Germany.

Primevest said it will finance and build the infrastructure for around €20m and lease it back to telecom firm Vodafone. 

The installation of the network, which will start later this year, will replace existing DSL systems.

Bas van Dongen, communication infrastructure partner at Primevest Capital Partners, said: “Germany is one of the world’s leading economies but lags behind other markets in the provision of superfast broadband connectivity, which acts as a drag on productivity, both privately and in business.

“Primevest’s existing relationship with Vodafone has been expanded by this new agreement, which is our first fibre-to-the-home project with them that also includes private households.”

Jürgen Raith, director of fibre optic marketing and rollout at Vodafone Germany, said the agreement with Primevest will help move the city of Hadamar from the digital hard shoulder to the gigabit-fast lane.

“The Covid-19 pandemic clearly shows how important high-performance internet connections are.

“I am confident that many residents and businesses will recognise this and embrace fibre optic connections since they will improve people’s quality of life and enhance the competitiveness of companies.”

Van Dongen, said: ”This is Primevest’s 15th investment in communication infrastructure projects since launching its first fund in 2017 and “we are now collaborating with eight network operator partners on fiber projects in Germany and the Netherlands”.

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