Berlin-headquartered CR Investment Management plans to build up a €2bn portfolio of operational and managed property assets that span “the entire real estate usage chain”, from serviced apartments, co-living, education, office-as-a-service, healthcare and elderly living to urban farming.

Its new specialist arm Neworld will provide growth capital and real estate expertise to companies that “develop forward-thinking real estate concepts”, CR said.

Neworld has already invested in serviced apartments provider Stayery, co-living company The Base and childcare joint venture KinderHut.

Over the next three years, it will aim to build up a €2bn portfolio of at least 10 investments in Germany and major European cities.

Neworld managing partners and shareholders Alexander Lackner and Philipp Jurisch will manage the new investment company.

CR managing directors Torsten Hollstein and Claudius Meyer will make up the advisory board. 

“Our social and economic lives are being increasingly influenced by megatrends such as demographic change, digitalisation, growing individualisation, urbanisation and greater flexibility in employment,” said Lackner.

“In our opinion, the real estate sector needs to respond to these developments and create spaces that provide solutions to the usage patterns of tomorrow rather than yesterday.” 

Jurisch said: “Real estate is only sustainable if it meets the current and future requirements of those who will live in it and use it. That’s why neworld is investing in operators who are analysing and rethinking the latest megatrends with their innovative concepts. Our aim is to transform megatrends into sustainable, urban spaces.”