Four German institutional investors are investing in Corpus Sireo’s latest healthcare real estate fund.

The four investors have committed €110m to Corpus Sireo Health Care III Fund, which is targeting €300m in total.

Cologne-based real estate manager Corpus Sireo said it expected to raise a further €50m to €80m in the coming months.

Fund manager Sebastian Schlansky said: “With the MediaPark Clinic in Cologne, we have already secured the first top property for the fund.

“Further properties are currently going through the due diligence process. We expect to have invested around €50m by the end of this year.”

Corpus Sireo, which was bought Swiss Life last year, is seeking to exand its third-party funds management business and is now in a position to bring in seed capital from its new owner.

The manager has been active in healthcare property markets for several years, having launched two specialist funds with committed capital of €430m and €150m, respectively.

Marc-Philipp Martins Kuenzel, senior adviser at Corpus Sireo, said: “Following the launch of this fund, we are now the biggest provider in the healthcare real estate sector for German institutional investors.

“In the medium term, we would like to offer investment opportunities in this asset class to a wider public outside Germany as well.

“To this end, we are also looking at other sub-classes of healthcare assets in Germany and other European countries.”

The company is seeking to invest in outpatient facilities, polyclinics, medical care centres and healthcare centres in Germany.