Chinese investment into European commercial real estate reached €8.5bn last year, a 22% increase on 2014, according to Cushman & Wakefield.

Despite increased domestic volatility and slowing economic growth, Chinese investors have taken a broader approach and been active in a wider range of property types and geographies, it said.

Nigel Almond, head of capital markets research at Cushman & Wakefield, added: “Geographically, we have seen a clear change in strategy. The UK’s share of investment slipped from more than 80% to 56% in 2015.

“While London dominated, marginally more capital flowed to the regions. The biggest swing has been investment moving increasingly towards the Continent, representing 44% of investment compared with 20% in 2014.

“France accounted for 27% of investment, mostly reflecting a significant corporate hospitality deal.

“We also saw money flow into Germany, Southern Europe and the Benelux markets.”

Cushman & Wakefield said it expected activity to continue in 2016, with Chinese insurers growing their overseas footprint.