Thomas Beyerle

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    Clear blue water

    July 2011 (Magazine)

    The tangible benefits of investing in sustainable real estate will only increase as the pool of data evidence continues to deepen, according to Thomas Beyerle

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    Manager viewpoint: Momentum returning in Europe

    May 2011 (Magazine)

    As an asset class, residential real estate has become more attractive across Europe. That said, for the majority of current leads, the maxim is “Back to the old markets.” It is important to note European residential real estate markets manifest four cross-border trends at the moment that will influence developments ...

  • Magazine

    Talk and action

    December 2009 (Magazine)

    In Germany, the level of interest in sustainable real estate is encouraging, but implementation and product supply lag far behind, as Thomas Beyerle reports

  • Common sense and discipline

    Common sense and discipline

    June 2008 (Magazine)

    Much of what is currently happening in the capital markets is no longer explicable solely in terms of a market efficiency thesis, as Thomas Beyerle reports