Robin Goodchild

  • In search of the keys: UK residential

    In search of the keys: UK residential

    September 2012 (Magazine)

    Are institutions close to entering the UK housing sector? Robin Goodchild outlines the obstacles and solutions

  • Magazine

    House debate

    March 2012 (Magazine)

    The IPF has been promoting the residential agenda among UK institutions. Robin Goodchild and Pam Craddock highlight the main issues

  • How open is open?

    How open is open?

    September 2009 (Magazine)

    Open ended funds are available in a variety of flavours depending on your need for liquidity relative to your need for real estate returns. In future funds must build in the capacity to withstand mass redemptions, as Robin Goodchild reports

  • Back to the future

    Back to the future

    October 2008 (Magazine)

    As inflation creeps back into the system the need for an effective hedging strategy becomes clear. Property in general and real estate securities in particular can play a valuable role, as Robin Goodchild reports

  • REITs: a better trade-off

    REITs: a better trade-off

    June 2008 (Magazine)

    Unlike other listed property companies, most REITs do not usually trade at a discount to NAV. And why should they? It is time for European REITs to fulfil their potential.