Pure Global Capital (PGC) has launched with a £100m investment in UK student housing.

Jeff Morton, formerly an equity partner at private equity firm Henley Investments, has founded PGC, which is focused on joint ventures and capital raising.

The firm will invest on behalf of institutions and family offices.

Prior to joining Henley, Morton was managing director at BlackRock and head of investment for the £3bn BlackRock UK Property Fund.

“We like the UK alternative sectors and the student housing market offers strong occupational demand, robust income and excellent capital growth prospects,” he said.

Total returns, Morton said, will be maximised from exposure to development profits.

The firm has £55m in forward commitments.

“This will be attractive to both funds and family offices where the next three years’ capital and income forecasts look low and current sourcing of quality stock and development partners difficult to secure.”

An existing portfolio of four buildings, comprising 550 beds, includes shcemes in Southampton due for completion in 2017 and in 2018.