Peter Mitchell

  • The domino effect

    The domino effect

    July 2013 (Magazine)

    The number of REIT regimes in Asia has grown over recent years. It is now a question of when and where next, writes Peter Mitchell

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    Shining a light on Asian REITs

    March 2012 (Magazine)

    The latest APREA research aims to promote greater understanding of Asian REITs among Asian pension funds, Peter Mitchell explains

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    Funds hit allocation crossroad

    March 2012 (Magazine)

    In the first of two landmark reports produced for APREA, Professor Graeme Newell has explored real estate allocation trends among Asian pension funds. Peter Mitchell examines the findings

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    Fill the knowledge gap

    November 2010 (Magazine)

    A new report by Professor Graeme Newell finds Asian pension funds under-allocated to real estate and in need of reform. An overview of the report and a summary of findings is presented by Peter Mitchell

  • Closing the knowledge gap

    Closing the knowledge gap

    August 2008 (Magazine)

    Education in real estate matters in Asia – notably in India and China – has not kept pace with demand for experienced personnel. APREA has launched a new project to address the issue.

  • Bubble trouble

    Bubble trouble

    July 2008 (Magazine)

    REITs are a worry fo India and China because of concerns about a flood of capital. Elsewhere, progress is patchy, as Asia Public Real Estate Association CEO Peter Mitchell explains.

  • Mixed fortunes

    Mixed fortunes

    March 2008 (Magazine)

    Japan is the most notable victim of the credit crunch. But there are new opportunities in Asian REITs, says Peter Mitchell

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    Pushing back the frontiers

    December 2007 (Magazine)

    In China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Pakistan, REITs are no longer a distant prospect thanks to the help of APREA. Peter Mitchell reports