Schoonmaak, the Dutch pension fund for cleaners, has invested €50m into a healthcare property fund managed by Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance.

Daan Tettero, a fund manager at Achmea Real Estate & Finance, said including mandates from existing customers, the Achmea Dutch Health Care Property Fund (ADHCPF) has raised almost €300m in new capital in the last year.

Recently, funeral services insurer Coöperatie DELA also placed €100m into ADHCPF to be used for new investments in assisted-living complexes.

The capital raised by ADHCPF “is a tremendous vote of confidence, in this asset class and in our fund’s strategy”, Tettero said, adding that investors know ”they can rely on making a high social impact and an appropriate financial return”.

ADHCPF, which currently manages a portfolio worth over €700m, is the largest fund in the Netherlands focused on healthcare real estate for institutional investors.

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