Sacramento County Employees Retirement System (SCERS) intends to invest $270m (€224.2m) in real assets and real estate in the current year as part of the pension fund’s 2021 investment plan.

In a meeting document, SCERS estimates a $60m real estate pacing plan via up to three investments. The pension fund expects to consider European student housing, China logistics, Japan value-add and refrigerated logistics and cold storage on a global basis.

For real assets, the $11.5bn pension fund has set $210m a pacing plan for 2021. The amount projected per commitment would be $40m with two commitments each for infrastructure and agriculture/timber/minerals and one commitment for energy-related assets.

SCERS expects to consider either a core open-ended global fund or a pan-Asia fund for infrastructure and a North American/Australian permanent crops fund or North American controlled environments for agriculture.

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