Real estate investor NREP has partnered with real estate credit company Velo Capital, private equity investor Luma Equity and venture capital firm 2150 to invest in assets, companies and technologies that will accelerate decarbonisation and transform urban neighbourhoods.

The companies have launched Urban Partners, the ”first dedicated pool of constructive capital – with returns being measured alongside impact - with €5bn available to invest”.

Claus Mathisen, CEO of Urban Partners, said: “The launch of Urban Partners represents a new investment thesis and a new level of ambition.

“Only by taking an integrated approach, bringing together expertise from real estate, private capital, and credit will we be able to address the complex challenges of decarbonisation, affordability, health, biodiversity, urban efficiency, and infrastructure that cities face. No one can solve these challenges alone. We urge our peers to follow our lead.”

Mikkel Bülow-Lehnsby, chairperson of Urban Partners, said: “We launched Urban Partners to bridge the gap between the interests of people, cities, and capital. Misalignment between these has led to inadequate, sometimes even harmful development of the urban ecosystem – urban sprawl, segregation, and ever-rising carbon emissions being the consequence.

“We want to lead a new era where shared visions deliver shared benefits. Where we put our financial weight and urban expertise into finding solutions to the largest problem out there: making cities livable for the long-term.”

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