Fund manager Nova Infrastructure has consolidated its position in the logistics and transportation sector of Charleston, South Carolina, by merging ATS Logistics with one of its existing portfolio companies.

Nova, which raised $565m (€533m) for its North American infrastructure fund last year, said Harbor Logistics had acquired ATS to become the market leader in warehouse and drayage services in Charleston.

ATS has one of the largest asset-based fleets at the Port of Charleston and a warehouse that includes the only centralised examination station for the US Customs and Border Protection in the city.

Harbor Logistics, founded by Nova in 2021, also owns Premier Logistics, one of the largest warehousing, storage and transportation third-party logistics providers in Charleston.

“ATS is an essential component of the Port of Charleston’s supply chain and import/export activity,” said Allison Kingsley, founder and partner of Nova Infrastructure.

“Combining the talented ATS team with Harbor Logistics brings additional operating expertise and complementary customer relationships to a strategically-located port market with structural tailwinds.”

Micah Mallace, president of Harbor Logistics and the former chief commercial officer of the port of Charleston, said: “ATS embodies the asset-based capacity and a customer-focused approach that the industry needs.

“Harbor Logistics looks forward to partnering with the existing ATS management team to deliver these capabilities and continue the company’s and the port’s strong growth.”

Nova said the Port of Charleston was the fastest growing major port in the US, in part due to work by Mallace to attract billions of dollars of new manufacturing, distribution, warehousing and supporting infrastructure.

Jimmie Gianoukos, co-founder of ATS, will serve on the Harbor Logistics board of directors and as chairman-elect of the South Carolina Trucking Association.

“My brothers and I started ATS in 1986 and our dedicated team has worked hard to build and grow ATS over the last 36 years,” said Gianoukos.

“We are excited for our existing team to collaborate with Nova and its Charleston-based Harbor Logistics business for this next phase of the company’s growth.”