The UK arm of clean energy infrastructure developer NatPower Group intends to invest over £10bn (€11.7bn) to develop over 60GWh of battery energy storage systems.

NatPower UK, which has also allocated £600m to develop new substations in the electricity grid, said it expects to develop new solar and wind energy projects this year that will help accelerate the UK’s journey towards the 100% renewable energy target by 2035.

Fabrizio Zago, the CEO of NatPower Group, said: “We are proud to announce NatPower’s investment plan in the UK which will give new impetus to the promotion of an energy system fully focused on renewables and will accelerate the country’s path towards achieving net greenhouse gas emissions equal to zero. 

“Today we present the largest programme for the development of battery energy storage systems for over 60GWh in the UK and we are ready to collaborate with institutions and players in the sector to make the energy production system increasingly efficient.”

Stefano DM Sommadossi, CEO of NatPower UK, said: “When it comes to resources, skills, policies and investments, the UK is unrivaled and companies like NatPower will help achieve the goal the country has set for itself.

”The energy transition is not only the fastest and cheapest way to provide cleaner and safer sources of energy, but it also represents an incredible opportunity for economic growth.”

Sommadossi added that by investing in substations early on and focusing on energy storage systems, “we will facilitate the next phase of the clean energy transition, thereby reducing the cost of energy for consumers”.

NatPower Group, founded in 2019, is an independent developer of clean energy infrastructure projects operating in Italy, UK, US, Canada, Kazakhstan, Tunisia and Chile with a 30GW renewables projects pipeline.

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