Hansainvest Real Assets is planning to raise up to €450m for a newly launched logistics Europe real estate fund.

The manager’s open-ended HANSA Europe Logistic Fund (HELF), which targets assets in central, western and northern Europe, has already seeded with a Dutch portfolio.

The manager said it is in talks to buy additional properties in Germany, Poland and Spain.

Hansainvest said most (70%) of the HELF fund’s investment will be in core assets and the remaining 30% of its capital will be invested in core-plus assets as it seeks to raise at lease €350m for the fund.

Nicholas Brinckmann, the speaker of the board of Hansainvest Real Assets, said: “With this product, we are underlining the significance attached to the logistics segment in our portfolio strategy.

”Not least of all due to the ongoing strong growth of e-commerce, logistics assets offer a sustainable attractive risk-return profile in Germany and also in the whole of Europe. For this reason, we will continue to invest here.”

Philipp Middendorp, head of logistics acquisitions real estate at Hansainvest Real Assets, said: “The strong seed portfolio and the existing pipeline allow us to make quick capital calls.

“Furthermore, our investors profit from the balanced investment strategy: core investments supplemented by selected core-plus investments and added value creation through project developments.”