GI Partners has teamed up with former Healthcare Trust of America (HTA) executives to set up a company to invest medical outpatient buildings (MOBs).

Robert Milligan

UDLR Healthcare CEO Robert Milligan

UDLR Healthcare is being led by long-time HTA CFO Robert Milligan as CEO, and he is joined by other HTA former executives Todd Sloan, Olivia Waalboer, Jeff Spiller and Austin Brooker.

GI Partners said UDLR Healthcare is actively pursuing investment opportunities in premium medical outpatient facilities located in strategic markets and has already identified an initial investment that is expected to be completed this month.

Rick Magnuson, founder and executive managing director at GI Partners, said: “We are excited to announce the formation of this platform with a team of leading operators in healthcare real estate.”

John Saer, managing director and head of real estate at GI Partners, said: “We believe we can leverage GI’s extensive experience in scaling companies in specialised industries with the deep MOB expertise, relationships and proven track record of UDLR Healthcare’s executive team to create value in this critical sector.”

Joyce Chow, principal at GI Partners, said: “As the demand for high-quality medical facilities continues to rise, we believe strategic investments in MOBs present a compelling opportunity.

“Our decision to partner with former HTA executives underscores our commitment to assembling a team with experience at scale and deep understanding of the dynamics in this sector.”

Milligan said: “We are confident that our collective experience, combined with GI Partners’ resources and strategic vision, positions us for success in the dynamic and evolving healthcare real estate market.”

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