DIF Capital Partners is expanding its Finnish district heating and energy services business platform with the acquisition of Pilke Energia.

DIF said Loimua has agreed to acquire Pilke Energia and its subsidiaries from Lahti Energia for an undisclosed amount.

Pilke Energia owns and operates biomass boilers with a capacity of 48MW across two sites in the municipality of Kärkölä, South of Finland. The company mainly produces energy for a local wood product company Koskisen.

Loimua is a Finnish district heating company owned by DIF, Abrdn and Local Pensions Partnership.

Loimua is the second-largest private supplier of district heating in Finland, providing heating to residential, commercial and public sector customers. The company owns and operates 640MW of heat production capacity across 16 networks.

Matti Tynjälä, the CEO of Loimua, said: “Koskisen will be a significant new customer for our industrial-scale energy services business. Renewable energy and its production serve the customer’s needs and the companies’ carbon neutrality goals in a great way.

“Loimua’s experience in producing renewable energy supports new cooperation in meeting Koskinen’s energy needs.”

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