Real estate investment firm Cottonwood Group and BCEG International Investment - US (BCEGI-US) have joined forces to target US opportunities.

The duo have created a funding platform to invest up to $200m (€161.2m) in projects that require financing support, capital infusion and/or construction capabilities. 

The venture will target projects in primary markets, including but not limited to Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose, California, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Boston, Miami, Chicago, Washington DC, Houston and Dallas.

Alexander Shing, Cottonwood CEO, said: “Cottonwood and BCEGI-US have maintained a strong working relationship for many years, and we’ve established the level of trust that is critical in making partnerships a success.

“With BCEGI-US’ construction capabilities, our track record of financing even the most complex real estate investments and our shared commitment to bring the very best projects to life, we will put our expertise to work on behalf of developers and investors.”

Yan Xing, BCEGI-US president, said: “Cottonwood and BCEGI-US have one important thing in common: we know and do our businesses well and have track records to show for it.

“We were eager to partner with Cottonwood because they bring financial strength, deal-making process and construction expertise to the table—resulting in the best projects with the best risk/reward proposition.”

BCEGI-US is the investment arm of Beijing Construction Engineering Group (BCEG).

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