Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds (CRPTF) is proposing an allocation increase to both its real estate and infrastructure/natural resources asset classes.

As part of a new long-term investment policy, CRPTF is planning to lift its allocation to real estate from 10% to 12% and is also recommending increasing infrastructure/natural resources from 4% to 7%.

CRPTF is known for investing in real estate via funds and separate accounts. The pension fund has in the past invested in infrastructure and natural resources mainly through funds.

Real estate, infrastructure and natural resources assets make up CRPTF’s real assets portfolio.

The pension fund said it is also proposing that the real estate and infrastructure/natural resources assets will be classified as standalone asset classes and not under the current real assets umbrella.

The pension fund said it is proposing the separation because it manages real estate and infrastructure/natural resources as separate asset classes due to their distinct characteristics.

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