Listed pan-Asian life insurance group AIA Group has formed a partnership with investment manager GLP to invest in the global logistics real estate industry and related opportunities.

Mark Konyn, AIA’s Group CIO, said: “AIA believes in the strong fundamentals that support the future development of the global logistics real estate market. The alliance is a core part of AIA’s growth strategy to create scalable relationships with world-class investment partners.

“We are very excited about partnering with GLP, which will allow AIA to acquire exposure in the growing and exciting logistics real estate industry.”

The partnership is expected to help AIA ”diversify its investment portfolio and enhance returns” for its customers and shareholders.

Craig Duffy, GLP’s managing director, fund management, said: “We look forward to launching this significant investment partnership with AIA.

“We take a strategic and innovative approach to growth and value creation for our investment partners and believe we can deliver value to the partnership as experienced global investors and operators.”

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