Jose Luis Pellicer

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    Manager viewpoint: The shining example

    May 2011 (Magazine)

    It is the “comeback of the year”. The hitherto “sick man of Europe” is healthier than ever, and is now top of all real estate investors shopping lists – Germany is “in”. Figures, headlines and surveys point towards a buoyant economy – businesses, manufacturers, Mittlestand, consumers etc. – everyone is ...

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    Fund the Gap

    June 2010 (Magazine)

    There is plenty of capital willing to invest in real estate but banks will need to proactive to facilitate it say Jose Luis Pellicer and Nigel Allsopp

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    Walks like a duck

    May 2009 (Magazine)

    Can property derivatives be viewed as public equity real estate investment, like REITs? Only if they are valued daily, writes Jose Luis Pellicer

  • Trading places

    Trading places

    March 2009 (Magazine)

    Real estate investors need to get into the mind of the banker to understand why they made some important mistakes in attempting to develop the property derivatives markets, says Jose Luis Pellicer

  • Take control

    Take control

    January 2009 (Magazine)

    Recent market turmoil highlights the need to track the market and act quickly and efficiently on market expectations, says Jose Luis Pellicer