Jeff Rupp

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    The great migration begins

    September 2013 (Magazine)

    As Europe’s managers migrate en masse to a new regulated world, Jeff Rupp considers the long-term effects and short-term pressures

  • Preparing for the inevitable

    Preparing for the inevitable

    November 2012 (Magazine)

    INREV’s Internal Model Data Matrix hopes to soften the impact of Solvency II. Jeff Rupp looks at the initiative in detail

  • Moving quickly: Lobbyists mobilise against IORP

    Moving quickly: Lobbyists mobilise against IORP

    September 2012 (Magazine)

    European property associations moved quickly to challenge EIOPA’s proposal to apply features of Solvency II to pension funds, says Jeff Rupp

  • Magazine

    Relationships in turmoil

    March 2009 (Magazine)

    The latest study by EPRA shows the effect of the credit crunch on correlations between listed real estate and other asset classes. Jeff Rupp speaks to Steffen Sebastian about the importance of these trends when looking to diversify multi-asset portfolios

  • Magazine

    Raising expectations

    August 2008 (Magazine)

    The job of investing capital is becoming increasingly challenging for non-listed funds, all the more so the further up the risk curve we look.