Gravis Capital Management has launched a fund to invest in UK listed properties.

Gravis Advisory, a subsidiary of the infrastructure and real estate investment specialist, said VT Gravis UK Listed Property Fund (GULP) will provide access to UK listed property securities that target long-term, dependable cashflows.

Investments will primarily focus on UK real estate investment trusts, but will also include property-related closed-ended investment companies, corporate bonds and equities,

GULP will be managed by Matthew Norris, the newly appointed head of real estate securities.

Norris said GULP will offer investors exposure to a diversified range of specialist UK real estate securities.

”It will focus on the UK property sectors supported by the most powerful current trends, which we identify as: an ageing population, urbanisation, technological development, and changing residential requirements.

“Each of these trends is changing the real estate landscape and creating new opportunities for investors.”

William MacLeod, managing director of Gravis Advisory, said: “GULP will provide exposure to the strongest trends in the real estate market that have already arguably changed the investment landscape forever.

“In addition to offering the steady, dependable returns and low volatility Gravis funds are renowned for, investors will also be able to access the fund through offshore bonds, which are currently reviewing and in some cases suspending their holdings in open-ended property funds.