Charles Ostroumoff

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    Fast and flexible

    July 2013 (Magazine)

    Charles Ostroumoff explains how IPD segment futures offer portfolio managers the ability to hedge and rebalance quickly and cheaply

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    A smoother path

    March 2013 (Magazine)

    The imminent launch of IPD Segment Futures will enable fund managers to navigate short-term market peaks, says Charles Ostroumoff

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    A crystal ball for investors

    March 2012 (Magazine)

    How should investors calculate the fair price for property futures? Charles Ostroumoff offers some solutions

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    Permeate and percolate

    July 2011 (Magazine)

    Getting set up to trade property derivatives effectively necessitates company-wide competence, as Charles Ostroumoff reports

  • Right on time

    Right on time

    March 2009 (Magazine)

    Is now the time to embrace property derivatives? Some fund managers avoided the worst of the downturn by hedging the downside risk at the right time. Charles Ostroumoff explains how investors could profit from derivatives in the current market cycle