REAL ESTATE – The Belgian government is planning to sell off an “important” piece of its defence real estate – a plot of land containing officer accommodation.

The Ministry of Defence’s Central Service for Social and Cultural Action, in a tender notice, “presents to sell by private contract an important piece of real estate, named the ‘Officerienwijk (Officer District) Maria- Ter-Heide” in Brasschaat in Flanders.

“It includes areas, buildings and is provided with a roadway system, it contains 20 existing plots with double houses (three walls), 4 existing plots with a single house and 13 new and empty plots for construction with a total surface of 95,000m2.”

“Private people, legal entities or professional real estate brokers” can write to Mr B Fitvoye before October 6.

The houses were built in the 1920s and there are plans to ensure the “uniqueness and quality” of the area.

Last week IPE Real Estate reported that the Belgian government has chosen property firm Cofinimmo as partner in a €1.2bn Sicafi, to be listed last year.

The REIT-like structure will comprise 79 buildings used by federal ministries and European organisations. The government will also contribute 10% of the capital.