APG Asset Management and other investors are ploughing an extra €280m in investment into Vesteda’s portfolio of Dutch residential rental property investments.

Vesteda announced that of the total of €280m of new investment, €185m of commitments were from two international investors who first invested in the fund two years ago, and €95m in additional investments came from existing participants in the fund, including APG Asset Management.

Gertjan van der Baan, Vesteda’s chief executive, said: “This investment will enable us to continue to focus on the further growth of our residential rental portfolio in the coming years.

“Our focus will remain completely on expansion in the mid-rental segment with a primary focus on the Randstad region, the Brabant metropolitan area and economically strong cities in the Netherlands.”

Vesteda said it would use the new investment money to finance the continued growth of the rental portfolio, both for its existing committed pipeline and for future acquisitions.

Over the past two years, it said it had added about 1,700 residential units to its acquisition pipeline.

Vesteda said the transaction would be completed this month, after which its equity would amount to €3.3bn.

Kempen & Co advised Vesteda in the deal.