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    Travel & Tourism: End of an era

    November / December 2020 (Magazine)

    COVID-19 has brought the golden age of international travel crashing down. Will it ever recover? Florence Chong reports

  • G-Park Northampton - One of GLP’s logistics assets in the UK

    Top 150 REIM: Any room in the warehouse?

    November / December 2020 (Magazine)

    The Top 150 manage more than €4trn in assets, and the fastest growing sector is logistics. Richard Lowe reports

  • Future of Offices

    Future of Offices: No going back

    September / October 2020 (Magazine)

    Enforced remote working has changed the office landscape almost overnight. But what is going to happen to the sector in the long term? Maha Khan Phillips explores

  • covid-19-shopping-waiting-lines-at-stores-munich-bavaria-germany-shutterstock-editorial-10663053b

    Retail: How will consumers respond as lockdowns ease?

    July/August 2020 (Magazine)

    Huge uncertainty faces retailers and F&B outlets as they reopen. How will consumers respond and will their behaviour change for ever? Mark Faithfull reports

  • The COVID-19 crisis has drawn attention to the level of investment in healthcare systems across the world

    Healthcare: A $15trn prognosis

    May/June 2020 (Magazine)

    Large institutional investors have been ramping up activity in a global healthcare sector that is set to grow. Florence Chong reports

  • Top 100 - Top 10 real estate investors at a glance

    Top 100 Real Estate Investors 2020

    May/June 2020 (Magazine)

    Annual survey confirms that a third of investors are putting new investments on hold, and more than half expect the unfolding crisis to affect their real estate strategies and/or allocations

  • Proptech

    Proptech: Future funders

    March/April 2020 (Magazine)

    Investors and fund managers are investing directly in proptech firms. Are they doing it for the long-term interests of the industry? Razak Musah Baba reports

  • Affordable Housing Strategies

    Housing affordability: Social impact funds to solve the UK puzzle?

    January/February 2020 (Magazine)

    Can social impact funds address the UK’s housing crisis and serve pension funds at the same time? Richard Lowe reports

  • edge east side berlin

    Future of offices: Smart buildings, intelligent by design

    November / December 2019 (Magazine)

    Buildings need to get smarter and EDGE Technologies is one of the companies making that happen. Christopher O’Dea talks to Boudewijn Ruitenburg and Erik Ubels

  • one stop shop

    Top 100: One-stop shop

    November / December 2019 (Magazine)

    Investors’ drive to do more with fewer managers is accelerating consolidation as firms scramble to provide everything

  • reits goldilocks image

    Global REIT outlook: A new Goldilocks moment

    September/October 2019 (Magazine)

    REITs have performed hot and cold over the past 10 to 15 years. But, asks Christopher O’Dea, could they be just right for investors in 2019?

  • renewable energy assets top the list of favoured sectors

    Top 100 Infrastructure Investors 2019

    September/October 2019 (Magazine)

    The IPE Real Assets top 100 ranking of some of the world’s largest infrastructure investors has captured more than $415bn (€376bn) in infrastructure assets held by pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurers and other institutional capital owners

  • federal reserve chairman jerome powell approaches reporters having made the first interest rate cut in several years

    RE debt US: Never-ending story?

    September/October 2019 (Magazine)

    With the longest-ever market cycle expected to get even longer, US real estate debt strategies are in a good position, writes Christopher O’Dea

  • top 75 infra managers

    Top 75 Infrastructure Managers 2019: Why big is often best

    July/August 2019 (Magazine)

    With the continued growth of infrastructure mega-funds, is it inevitable that investors will overpay for assets and returns disappoint? Not necessarily, writes Christopher O’Dea

  • shutterstock 10073579e

    Global housing: Going up, and up

    May/June 2019 (Magazine)

    A global housing affordability crisis is deepening, as costs rise and luxury units dominate development activity. Christopher O’Dea reports

  • logistics

    Future trends: Follow the consumer

    March / April 2019 (Magazine)

    Technology has boosted demand for logistics property and now it is transforming the sector in a variety of ways. The key to navigating the future is to follow the consumer, writes Christopher O’Dea  

  • check your meter readings

    ESG data: Check your meter readings

    January/February 2019 (Magazine)

    To put ESG theory into practice, real estate fund managers need good quality data. Some are taking it on themselves to get it, writes Christopher O’Dea

  • urbanisation

    Urban Transit: The future of A to B

    November/December 2018 (Magazine)

    Technology is set to transform city transportation. As Christopher O’Dea reports, real estate investors should get wise to the potential knock-on effects on property values

  • this time its different

    10 years after Lehman: This time it's different

    September/October 2018 (Magazine)

    Real estate investors learned painful lessons 10 years ago. With signs of a correction yet to materialise, can the market escape a repeat of 2008? Christopher O’Dea reports

  • ipe ra june 2018 cover pic

    Global travel: Markets that move

    July/August 2018 (Magazine)

    More people are on the move than ever before. For institutional investors this means opportunities from airport infrastructure to hotels, writes Christopher O’Dea